Holiday rentals Ile de Ré

Before making your choice of holiday home, we suggest you take a look at the following pages, which may help you determine the village in which you would feel most at home while staying on the Ile de Ré.

The Ile de Ré stretches for around thirty kilometres from the continent towards the north west, thereby expanding the limits of the Charente Maritime "department" (equivalent of a county). Its ten small villages, Rivedoux, Sainte-Marie, Le Bois-Plage, La Couarde, Ars, Saint-Clément, Les Portes, Loix, Saint-Martin and La Flotte, are home to less than 20 000 inhabitants in the winter and more than 200 000 at the height of summer.
Less than 3km from La Rochelle to which it is linked by a bridge built in 1988, the island benefits from levels of sunshine comparable to those on the Mediterranean coast and a unique protected environment.
The island's flatness gives an impression of great open spaces and endless sky, where nature, the seashore, salt marshes, forests and dunes are imbued with the essence of the great Atlantic ocean which surrounds it.
This narrow island, with its 70km of coastline, is a succession of small villages built in the traditional style where our holiday lets are tucked away and which you can visit on
Strips of deceptively small white houses line tiny roads, coloured with green and blue shutters, and smattered with the pink of hollyhocks and give a first hint of the quality of the island's environmental conditions.
The Fort de la Prée, the ruined Abbaye des Châteliers, the old ports of La Flotte, Ars or Saint-Martin, the fortified town of Saint-Martin and its 17th century fortifications designed by Vauban figure amongst the architectural marvels of the Ile de Ré and perfectly complement the natural beauty of the island's bird sanctuaries, forests (Trousse Chemise, Lizay or Henry IV) which melt into the dunes and sandy beaches.
The best means of exploring the island is by bicycle - that way you're sure not to miss any of the island's hidden treasures. More than 100km of cycle paths are at your disposal, complete with signposts plus countless dirt tracks and footpaths if you fancy a bit of adventure. Cycling between the sea and the marshes, you will come to know and love the diversity of the island's landscapes - take the example of the cycle path between Ars and Les Portes which winds through the nature reserve or the path between La Couarde and Loix with its multitude of rectangular salt marshes, skilfully worked by the salt farmers.
We hope that will allow you to find the ideal holiday let and give you the opportunity to have a taste of this small but well preserved corner of France.

To help you make your choice, we have graded each of the Ile de Ré's ten villages according to four criteria:

  • 1.How well the village has resisted the tide of change and retained its authentic character;
  • 2.The quality of its beaches, in particular whether you can enjoy the water at low tide as well as at high tide;
  • 3.The liveliness of the village during the daytime: are there shops, a market, restaurants?
  • 4.The night life: is this a good place to be if you enjoy going out at night, to cafés, clubs or restaurants?
All these grades are, of course, subjective and you may well judge differently. However, we believe they are helpful in differentiating between villages which at first glance seem very similar but, upon closer examination, are each unique.

The villages are graded on a scale of one to four, four being the best mark.

The last line gives the distance between the village and the bridge.
Authentic character Quality of beaches Day time activities Night life Distance to the bridge in km
RIVEDOUX 1 3 2 2 2 km
SAINTE-MARIE 3 2 2 1 7 km
LA FLOTTE 2 1 4 3 7 km
SAINT-MARTIN 2 1 4 4 12 km
LE BOIS-PLAGE 2 4 3 2 13 km
LA COUARDE 2 4 4 4 17 km
LOIX 4 2 2 1 24 km
ARS 3 2 4 2 26 km
SAINT-CLEMENT 3 4 1 1 29 km
LES PORTES 4 4 3 1 34 km
You will find a detailed presentation of each village in the following pages.