Property to buy on the Ile de R

Finding a property to buy on the Ile de R is a complex and risky business.

Complex because the properties available are dispersed amongst a multitude of small estate agencies. Although the Ile de R has less than 20 000 full time inhabitants, the "Pages Jaunes" internet site (equivalent of the Yellow Pages) throws out more than 80 responses to the request "Estate Agency Ile de R". In this context, finding a property can become an obstacle course.
Risky because the prices are high. With some of the highest price increases in France in the last twenty years, the price of property on the Ile de R is comparable to certain districts of Paris and the surrounding suburbs. Special care needs to be taken, therefore, when buying a property on the Ile de R as the financial stakes of buying a second home here are high.
You are looking for a property on the Ile de R, an old house, a villa, a barn to renovate, but you aren't on the island and you don't have the time to go back and forth between your home and the Ile de R to visit properties that don't meet with your criteria and that you have no intention of buying?
A traditional estate agent is appointed by the property owner to sell their property. The offer is therefore limited to the houses "in stock". If you want to expand your choice to other properties, you have to contact owners directly or be in contact with several agencies at once.
With Holiday Home - Ile de R, you, the buyer, appoint us to do your job for you. We have no obligation to a particular seller and can therefore offer you a selection based on objective criteria to help you make an informed choice. Our independence compared to a traditional estate agency is an asset which extends your choice beyond a stock of properties which must be sold at all costs.
Holiday Home - Ile de R puts itself in your place in the search for a property. Our added value is based on four underlying tenets:

Each stage is spelled out in the tab "Our role" to the left of this page.